About Diane

The Purple Dotter.  What an unusual title, huh?  Well, not once you know the back story of why my family and friends lovingly refer to me as, The Purple Dotter:

One day when my kids, Stephen and Katie were 6 and 4 years old, they were outside, coloring and drawing pictures.  I was making dinner when Stephen showed me his latest creation; a blank sheet of paper with a purple dot in the center.  Being my usual self, I applauded his use of white space and the centering of said purple dot.  Stephen marched back outside and told his sister, “She even liked just a purple dot”.  The incredulous tone in his voice was comical.  We talked about my propensity to affirm and the phrase, The Purple Dotter, is now part of our family’s vocabulary.  Yes, I affirm when something positive occurs.  Yes, I champion the accomplishments of family and friends.  I am The Purple Dotter.

After much pondering, I’ve decided this is not a bad personality trait to possess.  Being positive by nature, I’ve found much peace in looking on life’s brighter side.  This space records my; adventures, cooking, dining, traveling, pondering and gratitude for blessings I encounter on a regular basis.

I am happily married with two amazing adult children, one fabulous daughter-in-law and a grandson on the way.    I believe we should laugh and have fun in our days; which is why I relate to A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh.  Pooh enjoys life, cherishes friends, is normally searching for his next pot of honey (it is always about the food) and is ready for adventure.  Like Pooh, when confronted with new pondering material I seek quiet, tap my head, close one eye and, “Think, think, think.”  An answer usually arrives rather quickly.

If you relate to my brand of introspection; great.  Please join me as events continue to impact my thinking.  If you feel led to post thoughts or observations; please do.  To me, learning from one another and getting smarter along the way is what life’s journey is all about; continuous improvement.



4 thoughts on “About Diane

  1. Aunt Lori says:

    I’m loving your summertime blogs, Diane! It’s a beautiful time to enjoy nature at its finest. Thanks for sharing all your insights.

    • dianemann says:

      Thanks Aunt Lori. As the official the #1 Fan of “My Thoughtful Spot”, your continuing support is irreplaceable.

  2. […] and adventures.  We’ll simply be meeting under a new banner ~ The Purple Dotter.  Here’s the reasoning behind the new […]

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